Mo-Tseleng launches SA's 12th language with TUKS University

The TUKS University Spring Day razzle saw 6 000 revellers speaking South Africa's 12th language - "party". With a good excuse to welcome some sun after the hefty winter, experiential crafters Mo-Tseleng moved in with SAB and gave these intellectuals a celebration they won't soon forget!

Tapping into the 21st Century Generation headspace, Mo-Tseleng designed a free-flow event that catered for those who wanted to move - as well as those who wanted to motivate their solution to world problems on the cushy side line couches. Entrance was courted via Powerplay's red (black) carpet into the venue that was glazed by a sky of Chinese lanterns, while the night's vibe was set to the über cool beats of 5fm stalwart, DJ Euphonic! Powerplay also kept the movers moving in a VIP play area - offering punters an alternative option from the full bar set.

Also signing in at one of the biggest TUKS events of the year was The Rag Farm who got to tick off all the good-cause initiatives and raise money for future events. Why? Because students don't just like to study! Despite existing via the internet that is now increasingly carried in their pockets, Mo-Tseleng knows that even with the 21st Century Generation - one thing is still for sure: Everybody speaks "party"!

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