Mo-Tseleng puts Perdix on the map in Africa

Perdix set the challenge to Mo-Tseleng to increase their market share of frozen products across informal traders, vendors and distributors in Mozambique and Angola respectively. Mozambique presents a highly competitive market with a broad offering in the frozen foods sector. Competition is tough and consumers are frugal, so to create an effective brand building volume driver, Mo-Tseleng launched an aggressive drive through vendors and distributors. The goal was to encourage trial and increase distribution channels that would translate into increased sales volumes.

The primary target market comprises two segments: wholesale and trader shops including informal vendors. These offer a captive market for the sector and offer a concentrate wholesale and consumer segment where the unemployed and those on very low incomes come to buy all of their groceries. The secondary target market comprised consumers directly.

Once these were set in place, the challenge was to convince consumers to trial Franks as an alternative to Fish. By incentivising the push to drive demand, Mo-Tseleng in turn encouraged demand and trial to consumers through wholesale and vendor channels over four days a week for two months by way of in-store activations, face-to-face and POS materials.

The hook for vendors and wholesalers was the chance to win through scratch cards. Cellphones, airtime and umbrellas were up for grabs for vendors who showed proof of purchase - making the incentive to stock Perdix Chicken and Franks clear and pitched at the right level to enthuse the target market.

The target in Angola was to raise the brand's profile and essentially put the Perdix range into more hands and homes. By branding vendors and street vendors, outdoor sites, murals and taxis, the visual impact made Perdix top of mind for this promo while establishing recognisable elements for future campaigns too. The opportunity to reach over 100 000 consumers through 20 000 traders exists across both formal and informal channels; markets, vendors, traders on foot in traffic, door-to-door and more.

Vendors were incentivised with instant prizes through a scratch and win mechanic. Vendors had to erect branded umbrellas and wear Perdix T-shirts for 30 days that would qualify their entry for a freezer cart. This prize would ultimately leverage the way they do business and their core offering.

Logistical red tape meant that promotional items weren't available in the mapping phase however the ability to amend the phases of the roll out was integral to its ultimate success. "To roll with the punches and think on your feet is part of being able to deliver for your clients in this business," says Athy le Roux, Mo-Tseleng CEO.

"Africa presents such a diverse landscape of what is available and what is limited. It's important to consider that what is strategised here may not be possible across border. At Mo-Tseleng, every project is an opportunity to leverage supplier capabilities with our own expertise in order to deliver for our clients regardless of what changes needed to happen along the journey."