The old exhibition model died with bad perms and blue eye shadow

Brands now clamour for that window of opportunity to offer their consumers an unforgettable experience. So it was no small feat to win Gold for Most Interactive Exhibitor at this year's Soweto Baba Indaba that welcomed 26 600 feet through the door.

"At a show that saw this volume of people, winning this award shows that what we are selling is working," says Athy Le Roux, Mo-Tseleng Director. "Reaching out to shoppers and end consumers at the right level with the right touch points - and through the right mouthpiece - is a regime that no longer has any rules. The days of compiling a flier and waiting for consumers to come to you died with bad perms and blue eye shadow. Mo-Tseleng is about creating the right experience that leverages two-way communication with existing - and new audiences - and uses feedback and results to inspire how we start tomorrow."

No longer after brand awareness but rather brand preference, consumers are a tough act to impress. And amongst the hive of activity that celebrity appearances, kiddy activities and the collection of brands vying for a captive audience at this year's Soweto Baba Indaba, the challenge to be interesting was taken to a whole new level!

There is no such thing as the one-man-one-stall approach anymore. Exhibitions and trade shows range from marvel to mayhem and finding the right way to shine a light on what you've got to offer takes a very special, unique approach. When 26 600 black diamonds are meandering passed specials and messaging, they're quick to bore of what is mostly a lot of hooey! This is just one arena Mo-Tseleng is proud to pioneer - successfully! It's "yeah baby" all the way with this year's Gold for Cuddlers!

Mo-Tseleng consistently charters new territory and develops new and unique platforms to attract, maintain and convert the attention of the consumer into bottom line results.