MTN 3G goes experiential with Mo-Tseleng

African businesses chomp at the bit when it comes to mobile marketing. Statistics show that this medium is exploding at the seams, and the opportunities for reach are diminishing anything that has gone before it. Smartphone penetration in Africa is reported to be at between 17% and 19% - with higher numbers owning simpler devices but still capable of interacting through SMS/USSD channels.

"Our research shows that commerce is dependent on mobile, in Africa," says Athy Le Roux, CEO of Mo-Tseleng Experiential Marketing. "And with at least five major cables in place that provide bandwidth to the African continent... well, that's a lot of information in the palms of our emerging markets' hands."

This fundamental understanding made the project between Metropolitan Republic for MTN 3G and Mo-Tseleng such a great fit. The task was to create conversations among the 1.7million people who have access to the Internet via 3G but who are unwilling to use it for fear of the unknown.

The mobile device is primarily - for most people in the target market - a social device and one that leverages personal interactions when face-to-face isn't an option. The goal was to inform users what they could do with the device in their hand, get them to interact with it once so as to demonstrate how accessible it is, and then help users set up a Facebook profile and even set up their own email account.

Churches, schools, SMEs

Mo-Tseleng has spent over 16 years creating personal experiences that help consumers connect with brands. It is paramount that a brand's image exists on this level because of the very powerful engaging, and directly sensory experiences with products and services in affecting ways. For this venture with Metropolitan Republic for MTN 3G, Mo-Tseleng targeted churches, schools and SMEs in Kampala (Capital City) as apt forums to host these consumer experiences.+

First off: the churches. Ideal candidates were drawn from church congregations so as to maximise on their reliability and positive, existing reputation within the community. This would reinforce trust and credibility while also promoting community development. The success of the campaign hinged on making social media relevant to this market. So, although they may have had the facility on their device, the relevance of something like Facebook may have been lost on them. Promoters took the congregation through the simple steps to complete their social media and digital profiles through a series of storyboards and through group pages for each church, consumers were shown that they could communicate with the church, with the other consumers in the group and receive information about church meetings when they weren't actually there. The opportunity was taken to display branding, resource information from attendees for database purposes and run a mini prize promo by handing out prizes that included T-shirts and a new cellphone handset for both the church and one member of the public.

"The church goers revelled in the opportunity to embrace this once daunting technology and found that their passion to share their common interests through this medium was both exciting and liberating," says Athy. "Next, we moved onto the schools!"

A total of 20 secondary schools with student attendance numbering between 300 and 1 000 were identified. These Kampala (Capital City) school principals were approached by promoters who explained the distinct advantages of using MTN 3G as a communication tool between teachers, pupils and parents. A Facebook page was set up for each participating school while their teachers were made officers of these groups respectively. Letters were sent to parents explaining how they can use MTN 3G to connect with the school - effectively creating a channel for everyday contact between teachers and parents. These men and women could receive updates on their child's progress and find relevant information about important dates proving most helpful and convenient for sporting events, exam timetables, outings, special announcements and so on.

A listed business is a busy business

Experiential marketing takes the push-pull theory of marketing and turns it on its head to give the end user or consumer something to see, hear, touch, feel or taste. But because this particular promotion still relied on push and pull factors once the audience knew what to do with their devices, SMEs were identified as an integral element to closing the loop.

One hundred promoters were deployed to engage both the general public and SMEs in their place of business. The advantages of MTN 3G accessibility were communicated to the public and business owners (so as to leverage the audience and the offering from both sides), demonstrating how registering their SME or themselves with a mobi site and creating a business Facebook page would make them and their business easier to find.

With a great product, a powerful concept and effective, consistent management and measurement, Mo-Tseleng takes brands into the homes and hearts beyond their targets. We are proud to say that we conduct exhaustive research on experiential, channel and lifestyle choices of the vast consumers targeted for your campaign. Mo-Tseleng consistently charters new territory and develops new and unique platforms to attract, maintain and convert the attention of the consumer into bottom line results.