"Move Howeva" with Always Sapphire
and Mo-Tseleng!

Every product has an audience. How you talk to that audience is about the time and place you choose to do so in, so that whatever it is you're promoting, resonates in the right way to achieve the ultimate objectives set. This is something Experiential Marketing agency Mo-Tseleng knows about - no matter what the product, no matter who the audience. The product; New Always Sapphire with 4x Wings with protection that lets you move "Howeva"! The results? Keep reading.

With the challenge to grow awareness on product options for women and their personal monthly necessities, a solid channel with a solid message through a solid approach saw Mo-Tseleng achieve consumer awareness and shopper conversion (through increased trial) with Always Wings. Functionality and benefits are ultimately what these consumers and shoppers need to know, and through the Always Wholesale promotion, Mo-Tseleng was able to achieve both while driving volumes.

From ladies' nights in clubs to busy traffic intersections, and the targeting of shoppers in- and outside the store, promoters gained valuable ground that drove awareness, communicated benefits and collected consumer data, translating into a truly successful promotion for client Always. A total of 60 promoters across four mall-events nationally saw samples driven through the message that, with Always - you can still "MOVE HOWEVA". Thirty promoters descended on selected intersections in Flash Mob style that piqued curiosity and ticked all the 'problem - solution' boxes. Mo-Tseleng proved that from clubs to malls, in store or simply on your way to work - with Always Sapphire, you can 'MOVE HOWEVA"!

Mo-Tseleng consistently charters new territory and develops new and unique platforms to attract, maintain and convert the attention of the consumer into bottom line results.