Experiential marketing that's better than a baker's dozen

Better than five-star tastes that can be devoured in quaint and artful settings - be they savoury or be they sweet - are five-star tastings from a baker that brings the aromas of a busy oven into your very own home. Experiential Marketing engineers, Mo-Tseleng, took the sensory experience of this very idea into the intimate setting of the consumer's home for fundamental baking partner, Golden Cloud. Taste good? Sure did!

To educate consumers, to demonstrate the vast amount of choices open to them, to facilitate their experience with quality and methods while earning their trust and creating a hype, and to prove to them first-hand that Golden Cloud epitomises an ingredient you can trust - was the task that Mo-Tseleng faced. No mall activations. No public gatherings. No wet demo's. Nothing but the entrant's own kitchen - in homes from the Free State to Mpumalanga, KZN, Pretoria, Eastern and Western Cape and Gauteng too. No small logistical feat, mind you. Simply consider the security challenges, stemming from issues that most South African citizens consider daily - lest they allow a crew of strangers into their house.

Mo-Tseleng took this in their stride and visited nothing short of 350 homes in ten months, tantalising taste buds with the electrifying guarantee of Golden Cloud that engaged women across culture, colour and socio-economic backgrounds to take up their utensils and do what they love - with a product they can count on. Ticking all the above boxes - and then some - Mo-Tseleng confidently lives up to their promise of delivering, differently! Take 350 women who love to bake and love to chat, give them a memorable experience to talk about, and... well, you do the math.

Mo-Tseleng consistently charters new territory and develops new and unique platforms to attract, maintain and convert the attention of the consumer into bottom line results.