Amen for Mo-Tseleng Experiential Marketing!

Word of mouth marketing is about passion, and, what better place to find passion than in a Church congregation? Aware that these congregations are about more than just the spirituality that people go there to find, Experiential Marketing stalwarts Mo-Tseleng took to this captive audience to uniquely communicate the 10 Vitamins, Zinc and Iron benefits of food-sustenance giant, ACE.

Two major cities. Four Sunday's. 34 Churches. And the challenge to take the goodness of ACE into the hearts and homes of those who need - and want to know more about it. The challenge to Mo-Tseleng by their client was to educate consumers on the benefits of ACE, encourage brand involvement and interaction, and include a CSI initiative while building credibility within the community at large.

After a coordinated strategy for Churches across Johannesburg and Pretoria, Mo-Tseleng leveraged credibility and took the valued precision of the product into the minds of the target audience through presentations. Selecting a lucky winner to win a year's supply of this community-respected product connected each congregation with the product emotionally and proved that, while speaking your target audience's language - very little is lost in translation!

Mo-Tseleng consistently charters new territory and develops new and unique platforms to attract, maintain and convert the attention of the consumer into bottom line results.