About Mo-Tseleng

Mo-Tseleng is an experiential marketing weighted agency. Mo-Tseleng has had over 15 years of expertise in the field of experiential marketing and has a vast national infrastructure of operational personnel.

Over the years the focus in marketing mirrored the changes in South Africa.

This demand drove Mo-Tseleng to develop platforms which are unique in order to reach uncharted territory capturing the attention of the consumer. Our customized approach to our clients business and their relevant pressure points highlighted the shortfalls of existing targeted mediums. Our clients required direct access and achieved measurable impact for their strategies.

Mo-Tseleng Experiential executes experiential marketing solutions in the heart of the consumer markets. Solutions which are tailored to incorporate all mediums specific to target audiences.

With a network that stretches throughout the country, through us you have direct access to economically active consumers, giving you the access required to reach your goals.

Strategic Think Tank

  • Tailor made solutions
  • Holistic approach to alternative media
  • Below the line media integration
  • Justification on investments - ROI initiative
  • Project driven
  • Budget specific according to the needs
  • Flexibility
  • Strategic insight
  • Dip stick research / Product Research